Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How should I get rid of butt hair?

I'll be straight up honest in this question; I am an 18 year old guy and I've had a hairy butt since I've been about 15. It isn't that hairy on my cheeks but it is really hair right along the buttcrack. I have been shaving it off the last couple of weeks because I can't stand it, but it leaves a big line of pimples parallel to my butt there a good razor for this or a way I can get it removed painlessly by myself? The razor I currently use is a twin blade is a pretty cheap generic razor that I think is supposed to be used more so for shaving your face rather than any other part of your are there any razors out there or techniques that would work without causing pimples to grow on my butt?
Dude, don't worry about it. If that's the way you are then so be it. It's all good.
shave it!!
Have you thought of using a flamethrower?
You can use a men's hair removal cream. Don't get it on your sack.

You could get a permanent hair removal treatment but it is going to cost you. Not a pleasant job. but if the money is right someone has to do it.
Get a laser treatment, bodybuilders use it to get rid of all hair
honestly. get it waxed!
i would say to use a hair removal cream but you have to be really careful when you use it around any orifices (as in don't). Waxing may work out better for you. The more you do it the less noticeable the hair is
A 12 hour candle, a couple of feet of string and a GOOD friend with a blowtorch.
Laser hair removal.
Shave downwards or sideways, *not upwards* So that your not shaving against the angle of the hair. Doing so will get rid of those irritation bumps. Trust me.
buy wax strips and go for will take a little time but i think you have plenty of, have fun
Leave it alone! Other than you, is anyone complaining? If they are, try a girl instead.

You're supposed to be a man for crissakes.
ciggarette lighter.
if you want to be cheap, shave it. but if you want to be expensive, get it waxed or removed.

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  1. Why not try brazilian bikini??
    The skin around the strip is as short as possible, and after a moment, the belt is pulled quickly removed.


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