Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to become fat and fit (increase weight)?

you cant exactly become fat and can be fat and be fit but you will be losing fat all the time. you could bulk up by eating lots of protein less carbs and putting in hard work at the gym.but fatness and fitness just dont go together
eat junk food..
I think you mean increasing muscle size? If that's what you mean, you eat lots of protein, cut down on calorie intake, and to lots of weight training.
if u will become fat ,then how will u fit yourself in your pant , FAT IS NOT FIT .
Lead a tension free life.Eat ,Marry and be Happy.Ta ke food when you need and have a sound sleep.
fat is not fit, that is slob, work out in weights and gain muscle to look bigger not blubber
you mean you want to increase lean muscle? well eat tons of protein in proportion and have regular intense workouts (but the right way, dont over do ur body capacity) %26 rest
that is the key ingredients to a bulk body.
To be fit follow healthy life rules %26 regulations early to bed early to rise eat good think , do , earn %26 learn good.Take proper diet on time with sugar fat cabohydrate protiene.

How to cause nocturnal emission to my frend while he sleeps, not mastubating him?

how to cause nocturnal emission to my frend while he sleeps, not mastubating him
Wet Dreams are natural and spontaneous nocturnal erections with few drops of sperm (or prec.u.m) coming out too. Therefore you just can do nothing to rouse them!
Ejaculation is another stuff implying a complete discharge during one orgasm. Sincerely, I don't realize the true reason of your aim!
Oral would do it!

How tall will i i be?

im 14 and im 5'10 168 lbs. my mom is 5'5- 5'6 ish my dad is 5'9
Though boys continue to grow until 21,maximum adult height is usually obtained by the age of 17. There are no great predictors of height, but an educated guess would be that you may get taller because of your age. Have a nice day.
7-11...... for a slushie bracknar
if you are a girl you are done growing.
If you are a guy, well, you might have 1 or 2 inches left in you
Yeah, at your age you can still add another inch. My parents are about the same and I'm taller than them both at 5 10. Anyways, you're at a good height. =)
You never know. It could be possible you may grow more depedning on your genes and who you take after. You could take after someone way down the line that is taller. Men don't stop growing until the age of 21 so you have awhile to go. That is pretty tall for 14 years old. The doctor could take guess, but that is all it will be. They chart your groath through out the years. They tried to say my sister would only reach 4 '9 and she is 5' 3. They said I would be 5'7 and I am 5'4 1/2.
Thank God your parents take good care of you. Your height and weight show what good parenting and good nutrition can do for a kid. Get your parents a good present for their anniversary.

How tall will i be? mum + dad are short but my bro is tall :S?

hi there, i come from a family that are kinda dad is mum is 5ft 2...but my brother is 5ft 10 =|...he is 17.. my cousins are all over 5ft 8-9ish ... get to the point..i am 15 years old and concerned about my height..i am a boy btw..and only 5ft 4...a WAY off my tall do you think i will be? my parents or my brother?..whose genes do i have more similarities with? parents or brother?

thank you so much
it dapendes on whos geans you have your moms or dads

How tall will I be?

How tall will i be?
I am 15. My mom is 5' 10" dad is 6' 2". I weigh 200 pounds. All my uncles are 6' 3" and up. Grampa and great grampa are 6' 5". I just hit my growth spurt last summer, and hasnt slowed down. Right now i am 5'11". My 200 pounds most of it isnt fat, i dont know if that factors in
Man, stop worrying about it. You're taller than average, and almost 6' tall. Don't think twice about it. I wish I could say that I was 5'11" sometimes . . . I'm only about 5'8". Have a nice day!
Like 6 feet max and 5 10 minimum
how tall is your grandpa on your mom's side. Take that and compare it with how tall you are on your 21st b-day and the value of height on your 21 b day is how tall you will be
lol don't worry your tall enough, you don't want to be too tall.

How tall will i be?

I am 5' 11" now. My mom is 5' 10" dad is 6' 2". How tall will i be?
Well, you did not told us your age. If you have not reached 20, probably you will still grow either as tall as your Dad or more. During teenage years, the body is changing and growing rapidly. Good nutrition is important for proper growth. Stay tall and be good.
four foot six inches not an inch more and not an inch less.Yall have a nice day ya hear.
well, find out how tall you were at age 2 and double that or go to or look up how tall will i be, youll find somthing

How tall will i be?

I am 15. My mom is 5' 10" dad is 6' 2". How tall will i be? I weigh 200 pounds.
Statistically speaking, if both your parents are taller than average, you will be closer to average height than either one of your parents. Although this sounds counter-intuitive, it is the statistically correct answer. Since your mother is quite above-average, and your father is slightly above average, it would be a good bet that you will be slightly shorter than your dad.

On the other hand, statistics don't always make the best prediction, and a pretty accurate way of predicting is to ask your parents how tall you were at 2 years old. In general, people will end up almost exactly twice as tall as when they were 2 years old. Pediatricians tend to record this type of information, so your parents may very well still have this written down if they have your medical records.

Finally, if you are REALLY interested in figuring your final height, your doctor may be willing to do an x-ray (usually the arm or leg) to look at your joints. Your joints are physically one of the last parts of your body to grow during your growth phase, and the x-ray can tell him how much more you will grow.

Good luck!
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one never knows, my dad's side of the family was tall, %26 mom's side was shorter, i ended up 5/7 %26 my sister was 6 foot, who knew?
You should end up being slightly taller than your dad as subsequent generations are always taller. It helps that ur mom is also tall so the genetic pool is there to your advantage. Considering your weight 6 ft plus should be ideal.
The parental genes have tall height, so you will be taller than your dad, may be 6' 4" or plus. But your weight at this age %26 height seems a bit more, so better be careful.
Tall is good but you should be tall inside your heart with your high thinking, vision and deeds ... not just your height
Probably like 6'0". But my dad is 5'11" and my mom is 5'5"...but I turned out to be 5'0".
Does not compute but,a rough guess I should say that all things being equal you will be five foot ten inches as the crow flies. and not a minute more.
put the information in here and you will get a pretty good estimate. It is a height prediction calculator:
vc .net